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Polished Concrete Floors


​​Polished concrete is an excellent and affordable system for interior concrete floors. 


At Premier Estate Solutions we provide a full mechanical polish system.  This process is completed with the use of planetary grinders and other orbital machinery.  This machinery is accompanied with dust extraction equipment to minimize exposure to dust, debris and other contaminants.  The machinery also utilizes many different diamond tools to grind, hone and polish the surface.  The process, for example can take as many as 9 steps to complete.  This depends upon  the condition of the existing surface and the desired end result. 


Polished concrete is unique to each surface as it enhances the natural beauty of that particular concrete.


In addition to polishing,  many dyes are available to add vibrant color(s) as well as products to treat and protect the surface from prematurely dulling and staining.


Polished concrete is easy to maintain and resilient for normal use.  It is not advantageous where wet conditions exist, where high slip resistance is required.  Also, exposure to chemicals, acidic fluids or other harsh environments. 


For these conditions we recommend our epoxy, MMA or urethane systems.

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